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Smoke Cheaper is a Dutch company which aims to provide the highest standards in E-Cigarrettes, E-Liquids and accesoires in Malta and The Nethelands Smokecheaper was founded in 2015. Smoke Cheaper offer a wide variety in high quality E-smoking products and we aim to contribute to a better, cheaper and healthier lifestyle of all residents of Europe.


Smoke Cheaper would like to make the smoking population understand the advantages of changing into an E-Cigarette, besides that Smoke Cheaper want to contribute to a healthies lifestyle. With using the E-Cigarette the user will save a lot of money which can be used for a new car, or an extra holiday a year.

Smokecheaper will be Malta's and The Netherland's sole supplier of E-Cigarrettes, E-Liquids and accesoires within the next three years. The cheapest products combined with the highest quality will convert 50% of the smoking population to E-Cigarrettes.


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Don't know which Starter Kit to choose? Send an email to info@smokecheaper.eu and we will provide you with our professional advice.


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Smokecheaper offers the cheapest and highest quality E-Cigarrettes, E-Liquids and accesoires in Malta. Do not miss this opportunity!!