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Best e-liquid in Malta

The best e-liquid in Malta.

Smoke Cheaper offers the best e-liquid available in Malta. Millers Juice premium e-liquids are manufactured in The Netherlands with only Dutch ingredients which assures the finest taste and the highest quality. E-liquid is the element that vaporizes and which the user inhales. It is available in many different flavours which are totally different from regular smoking. You can still get the nicotine kick while vaping a cherry flavour, this fact makes vaping absolutely amazing.

Millers Juice premium e-liquids, the best e-liquid in Malta.

Millers Juice is the first Dutch manufacturer of e-liquid or e-juice. Smoke Cheaper is proud of the fact their products are made in The Netherlands with only Dutch ingredients and that these products are now available for vapers in Malta. Innovation is Millers magic word, the fact they only use Dutch ingredients makes Millers flexible in changing and developing new flavours. Have a look at the best e-liquid in Malta available at Smoke Cheaper.

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What elements does e-liquid consist of?

The most important ingredients in e-liquid are Propylene Glycerol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). Both elements are used in several genres of food within the EU and they do not cause any harm in the health of the user. Besides these two basic elements e-liquid contains smell and taste additives which are used in several food products as well. PG and VG dilute the nicotine and aromas, in addition they make sure the vapor can be inhaled. The vapor transports the nicotine and the flavour.  It is optional that you choose nicotine to be an ingredient in your e-liquid, if you prefer the flavour without nicotine the usage of the e-cigarette can be described as the traditional Shisha.


E-liquid can contain nicotine, this is your own choice. Nicotine is the element that makes quitting smoking difficult, it is an addictive element which is produced from the tobacco plant. If you opt for e-liquid with nicotine you will be able to quit smoking without any side effects. Once you are used to the usage of the e-cigarette you can choose to build the nicotine levels down, ultimately to 0mg/ml.

Which strength should i choose?

To be on the safe side Smoke Cheaper recommends the user to choose 12mg/ml nicotine if you are smoking regular Marlboro or Rothmans red cigarettes. The different strengths available are 18mg/m/, 12mg/ml, 6mg/ml and 0/mg/ml. If you are a new vaper Smoke Cheaper recommends you to purchase different nicotine strengths to see which one is suitable for you.

Can i mix different flavours e-liquid?

This part makes vaping really exciting, it is possible to mix differents strengths together to get the perfect strength for yourself or to mix different flavours. If you "miss" something in a flavor you can choose to add a few drops of a different flavour like mint, vanilla or cherry to get the ultimate flavour experience.

If you are smoking 12mg/ml and you want to build down to 9mg/ml you simply take an empty bottle, fill it for 75% with 12mg/ml and 25% with 0mg/ml. In this way you can get any nicotine level that you prefer which obviously is not possible with regular cigarettes.

Have a look at the best e-liquid in Malta!

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Which flavor should i choose?

It is not wise to start vaping with a tobacco flavour, simply to avoid disappointments. The tobacco flavor is never completely similar to the regular cigarette you are used to. Smoke Cheaper recommends the user to start with a flavor of your own preference. Most vapers start with a nice fruity or fresh flavour like menthol or mint. These flavours leave a pleasant taste and tingling feeling behind.

A fact is that there is a lot of difference in taste, therefore Smoke Cheaper has a wide range of Tobacco, Fruit and other flavored e-liquid. Try which flavor suits you best in order to get the ultimate vaping experience.

What is the shelf life of e-liquid?

The rule is you can use e-liquid 24 months after it has been produced. You have to make sure it is kept in a dry and cool place. You can use it even after the 24 months however the manufacturer does not guarantee its flavour. Make sure that you do not keep the e-liquid in the fridge, ingredients are seperated with very low temperatures.

What is "steeping" of e-liquid?

Steeping your e-liquid is comparable to the aging of wine. Leave the bottle without the screw on tap 24-48 hours in a cool, dry and dark place (no refrigerator). This process will "steep" the liquid which, in most cases results in a stronger flavour.