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Buy e-cigarette Malta at Smoke Cheaper

Buy e-cigarette Malta

Buying an e-cigarette is a big step for a lot of people. It is a product of which you can find a lot of information. If you want to know everything there is to know about this product you are at the right address with Smoke Cheaper Malta. We have carefully selected the best products for you so choosing will be much easier at Smoke Cheaper Malta.

Buy e-cigarette Malta








Buy e-cigarette Malta.

The starting vaper.

Smoke Cheaper knows how difficult it is to choose which product is suitable for you as there is a huge variety Therefore we made a division in between the light, the medium and the heavy smoker. Make sure you read this carefully before buying e-cigarette Malta at Smoke Cheaper.

The light smoker.

For the light smoker (5-10 cigarettes a day), Smoke Cheaper advices the Kangertech E-Smart single kit. This kit includes a 320 Mah battery which is very suitable for the light smoker. The capacity of this battery will last at least one day if you are a light smoker. Besides, the E-Smart has a bottom coil clearomizer which is one of the newest and most sophisticated innovations of Kangertech.

The medium smoker.

For the medium smoker (10-20 cigarettes a day), Smoke cheaper advices the Kangertech EVOD single kit of the Kangertech E-GO CE5 single kit. The Kangertech EVOD and the Kangertech E-GO CE5 have a 650 mAh battery which is very suitable for the medium smoker. The battery will last at least one day and it charges superfast (approximately 90 min for a full battery). The difference in the EVOD and the E-GO CE5 is the coil head, the EVOD has the newest bottom coil technology while the E-GO CE5 still uses the top coil technology. For long term users Smoke Cheaper would recommend the EVOD as all parts are easily replaceable.

The heavy smoker.

For the heavy smoker (20 or more cigarettes a day), Smoke cheaper advices the Kangertech EVOD starter kit. The starter kit consist of two 650 mAh batteries, two clearomizers, a USB charger, a USB A/C charger, 5 coil heads and a user manual. This starter kit assures you that you always have a spare battery or clearomizer. On top of that this starter kit comes with 5 extra coils which guarantee you will save money in the future.

The advanced Vaper

If you are an advanced vaper and you are looking for a nice MOD or advanced electronic cigarette you are at the right place with Smoke Cheaper. There is a wide variety of choice like the very popular Kanger Subox mini, the Kanger Emow or the Istick 40 watt with temperature control and the GS Tank as a starter kit. Furthermore there are lots of adjustable voltage output batties available such as the Vision Spinner II, the Emow, Istick 20 watt, the Istick 40 watt and many more. If you choose one of these batteries Smoke Cheaper has the perfect clearomizer for you. The most popular ones at the moment are the Kanger Subtank Mini and the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

What else do you need?

In order to start vaping immediately it is essential that you choose the correct e-liquid. This is the fluid that atomized and which the user inhales. Smoke Cheaper Malta offers many different flavors of e-liquids with different nicotine strengths. The strength are divided in four categories, 18mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 6mg/ml and 0mg/ml. 

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How does an e-cigarette work?

The e-cigarette consists of three elements, the battery, the clearomizer (with coil) and the e-liquid. The battery provides the necessary energy to heat up the coil which vaporizes the e-liquid that the user inhales. Unlike cigarettes an e-cigarette does not burn and the user will not inhale the toxins as described before.

Why order at Smoke Cheaper Malta?

Smoke Cheaper is Malta's first online store. Buying online brings along a lot of advantages. Smoke Cheaper Malta offers the best value for money and the highest quality products available on the island. On top of that every delivery is free. You can simply order and pay online and receive your products within 48 hours at home. The convenience of ordering at home is what makes Smoke Cheaper unique, you do not have to drive to the closest shop anymore, which will save you time and petrol.