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Buy e-liquid for electronical cigarettes

Buy e-liquid in Malta for the electronical cigarette.

What is e-liquid?

E-Liquid is the fluid that is used in the e-cigarettes Smoke Cheaper Malta offers. The e-liquid is atomized in the e-cigarette by the atomizer or the coil head. The atomizer and the coil head are the vape-elements.

What is e-liquid made of?

E-liquid consists out of a combination of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycol), in addition the e-liquid contains color and flavour additives. The fluid can also contain a certain amount of nicotine based on your choice. The substances PG and VG are responsible for the flavour and the smoke formation. Both substances are tested countless times and are used in many other consumer products. For example VG is used als a humectant in cosmetics like toothpaste but also in candy and cakes. PG, on the other hand is for example used for the smoke formation in clubs. Buy e-liquid for your electronical cigarettes is a much healthier alternative then smoking the harmfull regular cigarettes.

Buy e-liquid for your e-cigarette at Smoke Cheaper Malta





The advantages of buying e-liquid.

 An e-liquid does not contain any harmfull elements in contrast to the regular cigarette which contains for example tar, carbonmonoxide and many other harmfull elements. Buy e-liquid at Smoke Cheaper Malta. Smoke Cheaper has a extensive assortment which gives you plenty of choice. There is a suitable liquid for everyone,  whether you like the tradional tobacco flavour or a fresh fruity flavour, Smoke Cheaper Malta offers it all. Have a look which e-liquid you prefer.


Millers juice e-liquid.

Smoke Cheaper Malta offers e-liquid made in The Netherlands by Millers Juice. Millers Juice premium E-Liquids are manufactured in The Netherlands with ingredients that are manufactured in The Netherlands which assures the finest taste and highest quality. Delivering top quality is the most important production aspect!

Millers juice offers two types of products, the silver line and the goldline, the difference lays in the ratio's PG an VG.

Millers Juice Silverline contain 65% PG, 30% VG and 5% Flavourings. The flavourings are on PG base. The Silverline E-Liquids are perfect for every day use!

The exclusive Millers Juice Gold Line contains 50% PG, 45% VG and 5% Flavourings, the flavourings are on PG base. Goldline E-Liquid is suitable for users who want nothing but the best.

Millers Juice Goldline e-liquid at Smoke Cheaper Malta

Choose you nicotine level.

As a starting e-smoker you will probably not know how to choose the nicotine strength. Smoke Cheaper offers the e-liquid in 3 different strengths, besides that there is a nicotine free liquid available for every flavor. You can choose for 0mg/ml nicotine. 6mg/ml nicotine is compareable to light regular cigarettes, 12 mg/ml nicotine is compareable to the normal strength cigarettes and the 18mg/ml nicotine is compareable to the heavy regular cigarettes or tobacco.

Smoke Cheaper Malta is ready to help.

If you require any help in regards to buy e-liquids at Smoke Cheaper Malta you can contact us and we will guide you through this process. If you have any queries you can easily contact us via phone or email. We will do everything to assure you that your query is solved at the earliest convenience.