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Cheap smoking in Malta

Cheap smoking in Malta

Smoke cheaper for a better life at Smoke Cheaper Malta. Cheap smoking in Malta and at the same time breaking up with your very unhealthy smoking habits. This is what Smoke Cheaper aims for. Our assortment of e-cigarettes provides you the opportunity to remain enjoying but in a healthier way. With cheap smoking the e-cigarette there is no burning process so no harmfull elements are released. With the e-cigarette the e-liquid atomizes and the vapor is harmless to yourself and your surroundings. The liquid can contain nicotine, this is your own choice. The fact you do not inhale harmfull elements like tar and carbonoxide decreases the chance on heart and vascular diseases.

Cheap Smoking in Malta at Smoke Cheaper

The advantages of cheap smoking in Malta

Smoking an e-cigarette brings along a lot of advantages. The most important advantage is that it is healthier in comparison to regular cigarettes. Everybody knows that smoking is an extremely harmfull addiction and most probably you have tried to quit smoking once or several times. Smoke Cheaper provides the solution, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of the nicotine while, at the same time you do not inhale the harmfull elements smoking regular cigarettes brings along. Our e-liquids are available in several different nicotine levels so you can slowly build down the need for nicotine. In addition, the liquids are available in many different flavours so you can vape and change the flavour of your liquid at your own convenience.

The advantages summed up.

  1. Healthier for yourself and your surrounding.
  2. Your ability to smell and taste will improve.
  3. No dirty smell in your home while vaping the e-cigarette.
  4. A fresh smell on your hands and clothes.
  5. Much cheaper then smoking regular cigarettes.

The financial advantages of cheap smoking in Malta.

Smoking an e-cigarette is much cheaper in comparison to smoking regular cigarettes. Everyone knows that smoking is an expensive addiction, it is easy to smoke one pack of cigarettes a day which easily cost €5,-. It might seem a small amount buy as you can see in the save money calculation it is a big amount on a year bases. The money you save while cheap smoking the e-cigarette in Malta you can use for buying a new car or an extra holiday a year.

Save money calculation!

Regular cigarettes  
Based on 1 pack of 20 cigarettes a day  
€5,- * 30 days = €150,- per month
€150,- * 12 months €1800,- per year
One EVOD BCC Single kit €29,95
One bottle of 10ml E-liquid a week €4,95
52 weeks in a year €4,95 * 52 €257,40
Change of coil: (every 3 weeks) €2,95
17 times a year €2,95 * 17 €50,15
Total €337,50 per year
Average €28,12 per month



What to expect from Smoke Cheaper Malta.

You can expect excellent customer service in combination with the best products for the cheapest prices. Smoke Cheaper will be there to guide you through the whole vaping experience. Smoke Cheaper encourages every smoker to stop smoking and start vaping. It is up to you to choose for a healthier lifestyle and at the same time save a lot of money which you can use for different purposes.