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E-liquid Malta at Smoke Cheaper electronic cigarettes

E-Liquid Malta

E-liquid Malta, also known as the main source for smoking in a liquid form, is used to fill the e-cigaret. The e-liquids are capsules which are filled with a liquid which is made out of several different components. In order to serve our customers to the best of our abilities it is possible to choose the composition of some of the components to your own needs and desires. The first component out of which a customer can choose is the flavor. Smoke Cheaper Malta offers about 40+ different flavors which are divided into three sub-categories, the tobacco flavors, the fruit flavors and there is also the possibility to choose from other flavors (no fruit or tobacco). The second component is the nicotine strength. It is possible to vape in four different strengths, 0 mg nicotine, 6 mg nicotine, 12 mg nicotine and last but not least the 18 mg nicotine. The 0mg nicotine indicates that you, as a vaper smoke without nicotine and you will only taste the flavor of the e-liquid of your preference. Besides the different nicotine strengths and flavors there is a difference in the brands and quality Smoke Cheaper offers. With a wide range of flavors and options we will give you a brief description of the other components e-liquid Malta is made from and what you have to pay attention to while making your purchase.

E-Liquid Malta components

Every e-liquid is build up out of 2 or 3 main components. There is the base liquid of which the user can choose a PG/VG ratio, in addition a specific flavors component is added. The last possible additive would be nicotine if the consumer wishes to add to the mixture of components.

e-liquid Malta at Smoke Cheaper

The base liquid PG/VG

The base liquid, also called diluent, which is used for the e-liquid Malta and necessary in order to dilute the e-juice in order to create a perfect balance for the other additives. In addition, the base liquid is used to transport the flavor and, if wanted, nicotine via evaporation to the lungs of the consumer of the juice. The most used base liquid is PG or propylene Glycol, it is classified as an additive for nutrition used in food and medicines. Furthermore, oft is made use of the additive VG or Vegetable Glycerin which is also used in nutrition often in the combination with propylene glycol. Most e-liquids Malta have a pre-set ratio between PG and VG. Smoke Cheaper offers them in the following ratio’s; 80% PG / 20% VG (Dekang e-liquid), 70% PG / 30% VG (Millers e-liquid) and 50% PG / 50% VG (Millers Goldline e-liquid). The PG ratio in the juice determine the amount of throat hit a user experiences and the VG is meant to create the amount of vapor. For user which have issues about a hurtful throat after smoking e-liquids with a high PG ratio it is recommendable to start using liquids with a higher VG ratio.

The flavor additive

The base juice or base liquid and the nicotine have neutral flavor of themselves, without a flavor additive the e-liquid Malta would literally taste like nothing. To make sure that smoking an electronic cigarette is a more pleasant experience in comparison to a regular cigarette different flavors are available. Which flavor you prefer really depends on the person, there are vapers who quit smoking and solely smoke tobacco flavors. However, there are also ex-smokers who prefer a nice fruit flavor. We have made sure that our customers have a wide range of liquids out of which they can choose.


Nicotine is the main reason why smokers stick to regular cigarettes, it is proven to be extremely addictive and therefore the main component of a regular cigarette. One of the effects of nicotine is relaxed feeling and it makes you more alert. With the use of an electronic cigarette in comparison to a regular cigarette the consumer can still have these feelings but without the extremely hurtful additives in regular cigarettes. E-liquids do not contain any of the following harmful components in cigarettes. There are about 600 components in cigarettes and when burnt they turn into 7000 chemicals of which 69 are known to cause diseases such as cancer. We will list a few components which can be found in cigarettes but not in the e-liquids; Acetone, Arsenic, Butane, Cadmium, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Tar and Toluene (source; http://www.lung.org/stop-smoking/smoking-facts/whats-in-a-cigarette.html ). E-liquids do not contain any of these harmful elements. De nicotine strength can differ a lot per e-liquid. The amount of milligram indicates how much nicotine one milliliter of e-liquid Malta contains. We will provide you with an overview of all the e-liquids we offer and what strength they have.

1)      0 mg/ml nicotine, this strength with no nicotine is available for the Millers Juice and the Dekang liquids.

2)      6 mg/ml nicotine, this strength is comparable to light cigarettes with low nicotine levels and is available for both Millers and Dekang e-juices.

3)      11 mg/ml nicotine, this strength is comparable to the normal cigarettes with normal nicotine levels and is solely available for the Dekang e-liquids.

4)      12 mg/ml nicotine, this strength is comparable to the normal cigarettes with normal nicotine levels and is solely available for the Millers Juice e-liquids.

5)      18 mg/ml nicotine, this strength is meant as a replacement for the heavy cigarettes with very high nicotine levels and is available for The Dekang and Millers juice liquids.

It is possible to mix to e-liquids so you can make a nicotine level for yourself, we will explain this with an example. If you have an empty bottle of 20 ml and you have one bottle of 10 ml with 12 mg/ml nicotine and one bottle of 10 ml with 6 mg/ml you can add those two in the 20 ml bottle with the result that you final nicotine level will be 9 mg/ml. Also, it is possible to mix different flavors together, if you like pineapple with a little bit of mint you can easily add them together to get the perfect, custom made e-liquid Malta for yourself.

How does it work?

First of all we have to make a separation between the two different types of e-liquid Malta a consumer can purchase. There are the cartridges which are basically prefilled containers which have to be placed in the e-cigarette. Besides the cartridges there are the regular bottles which contain an e-liquid of your preference. The advantage of regular bottles is that you can fill the tank or clearomizer Malta yourself multiple times. With the cartridges you are bound to a specific amount of puffs and once these are done you will have to change the cartridge in order to use the electronic cigarette.

Basically and electronic cigarette consist in general out of 4 compartments, the battery, the clearomizer or tank, the coil or atomizer and a charger. You fill the tank with e-liquid Malta, never 100% full but about 75% and once the battery is switched on you can simply fire the atomizer or coil which vaporizes the e-juice which can be inhaled by the user.

The advantages of e-liquid

For centuries it is a big challenge for smokers to quit smoking, most of you must have tried it countless times with the end result of a setback to smoking regular cigarettes. E-smoking is the solution for this problem, there have been researches conducted by well-known organizations UK's Royal College of Physicians in which they state that e-cigarettes should be offered to smokers in order to help them quit smoking (source; http://www.bbc.com/news/health-36139618 ). As e-smoking used to be not as popular in Malta yet it is gaining a lot of popularity by smokers who want to quit and see it as the perfect solution. The e-liquid Malta is the perfect replacement for regular tobacco. As agreed on by the expert of the UK Royal College of Physicians, using e-liquid is way healthier then regular tobacco. In addition, e-smoking is much cheaper, one bottle of 10ml e-juice equals approximately the amount of puffs of 5 packs of cigarettes (this depends on the kind of device you are using, sub-ohm devices and MOD’s tend to consume more juice than the devices with a smaller battery.

MIllers Juice e-liquid Malta










Conclusion of e-liquid Malta

We from Smoke Cheaper are convinced that e-smoking is the future, we are determined to convert the smoking population into an e-smoking population which will contribute to the overall health of the Maltese Islands. If you are not sure which e-liquid Malta or electronic cigarette Malta you should choose, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@smokecheaper.eu