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Smoke Cheaper Malta offers a wide variety of carefully selected starter kits. We have selected the devices so that they are of the highest quality available and most of all user friendly. As we have set the highest standards for our products you will find brands like Kangertech and ISmoke Eleaf. It can be difficult to select the best starter kit for yourself that is why it is usefull to know how an e-cigarette works and which parts are important.

The parts of the e-cigarette

Our e-cigarettes are build up out of three parts; The battery, the clearomizer and the atomizer. It is very important that these parts have an overall coherence in order to make your device work perfectly and get the optimal flavor experience of the e-liquids.

The Battery

Let's start at the beginning with the battery, which provides the electrical current to heat the atomizer and vaporize the e-liquid. In most cases you will find the milliamphere mAh and the Voltage in the product descriptions. the mAh reflects the capacity of the battery, it is obvious that you have to charge the 320mAh battery of the Kangertech e-smart earlier then the 650mAh battery of the Kangertech Evod. The Voltage indicates how much electric current is send through the atomizer and this indicates how fast the e-liquid vaporizes. On average you can charge a battery 300 times.

The Clearomizer

The clearomizer basically is the tank in which the e-liquid is stored. It consist out of several parts; first of all the driptip or mouth piece, the tank, the atomizer and the base. Summarized, the driptip is the part that you have in your mouth, the tank contains the liquid, it is very important that you do not fill the tank more then 2/3, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid and the base connects the clearomizer to the battery.

The atomizer

The atomizer is a very important part of the e-cigarette because it vaporizes the e-liquid which you inhale. The atomizer consist out of a filament and a wick. The wick absorbes the e-fluid and the filament vaporizes the liquid in the soaked wick. Once you press the button on the battery the filament heats immediately and the liquid is vaporizes and can be inhaled. 

Furthermore, the atomizer has a resistance or Ohm value. The atomizer will become hotter once the Ohm value is low, the lower the Ohm value, the hotter the atomizer becomes. It is of the utmost importance that the Voltage output of the battery and the Ohm value are compatible. In order to make this process a lot easier for you Smoke Cheaper Malta has developed the Smoke Cheaper Vape Chart which provides clear guidelines of how to create perfect coherence in between the Voltage output and the Ohm value.

More questions about the starter kits of Smoke Cheaper Malta?

Please have a look at all the instruction video's in the product descriptions, these will provide you with the basic information you need before you can use the e-cigarette Malta. If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us via email or via phone.

Smoke Cheaper offers a wide variety of Starter kits from Kangertech made by Kanger, one of the world’s first manufacturers of e-cigarettes and the famous brand Smoka Istick. For more information about Kangertech please see the section ‘’Our Brands’’!

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