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If the name doesn't give it straight away, you'll find out that the Geek Vape brand has loads of incredible vaping accessories designed by the hearts and minds of highly committed vapers. Geek Vape pride themselves on their engineering prowess and deep understanding of exactly what vapers crave out of their devices. Their top airflow tanks and RDAs have become an important scene to any serious vaper's collection, and they continue to expand their alliance with more complex options that enhance performance to limits we've never seen before.

Geekvape bounced into the vaping scene in 2015, december. They instantly gained popularity. Their first product, the griffin RTA was insanely successful, so successful that it launched them into the forefront of companies creating authentic vaporizing items. At that time, affordable RTAs were quite scarse, and the clone market was still growing. Eleaf had great success with their line of LEMOS and UD also had some minor hits. The fall of 2015 saw newcomer OBS produce the Crius, which was prone to many changes and quality control issues in just a few weeks, but it was an innovative idea. GeekVape’s Griffin used the Crius for ideas and improved upon its small imperfections with a better insulator, improved top filling and a larger, builder-friendly deck. Vapers were impressed and bought huge amounts of them, inciting the Chinese RTA boom of 2016.

At our shop you can find lots of geekvape's items, including the Athena Squonk mechanical kit and the Peerless RDA. This brand's items will surely keep you in the vaping story for a long time and will definitley never let you down!

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1 Item(s)

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