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The core values of the brand SMOK are Fashion, vitality and responsibility. The brand SMOK was founded in 2010 and has since then become popular very fast. SMOK has released a series of patents which indicate that the brand is a very serious player in the world of the vapes. Also, SMOK was the first company to introduce the dual coil system which is now being used by nearly all electronic cigarette manufacturers. SMOK has a great belief that Success starts were it ends, with the customer.

Smok is the most popular creator of all things vape related. They are mostly known all around for their high-powered advanced vaporizers, leading the industry with some of the first, most famous 200W+ devices. They have also manufactured a number of beginner level devices and performance tanks to balance out their endless catalog. SMOK is one of the biggest names in the box mod market today with their ultra-modern designs and plenty of flashy accents to optimize both the inner technology and outer asthetics of anyone's vape. They have pioneered the way forward with vaping since their very first release.

SMOK was established in 2010 as IVPS’ best brand. It is found in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district, the global center of vaping. The company takes care of research and development, as well as manufacture. The first splash the company made in the electronic cigarette scene was in 2011, when it released the world’s first dual-coil cartomizer. At the time, using dual coils was considered bold and abnormal. Through these popular cartomizers, vapers were able to experience a whole new level of flavor and vapor. From that splash the company kept growing and expanding to become the huge company they are today.

Some of their best products which you can find on our shelves are,

The revolutionary SMOK ALIEN, one of the first ever 200W+ mods.
The SMOK QBOX, perfect for all day to day vapers,
The Smok AL85, one of the best mid-way vapes out there,
And most importantly, The TFV8 Baby Beast tank, Where size means nothing. This small tank is one of the best ones to own.. perfect for any kind of vape.

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11 Item(s)

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