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A powerhouse of vaping technology, Wismec never hesitates to bring new devices to the vaping market year after year. They have shown the world what they are capable of with their Reuleaux line several times over, but they've gone several steps further to create a whole new alliance of tanks and atomizers that are also breaking their competition.

The new Predator 228W is just their latest huge announcement, proving that they are on the lookout for every opportunity to steal vapers' attention. Wismec in particular has been generous with their multiple firmware updates, working tirelessly to unleash powerful new enhancements to every mod they create post-launch.
Wismec are mostly famous for their more powerful mods, like the RX2/3 or the RX GEN3, and many more, all having their own specialities.
This brand is definitely one to look at if you want a powerful, easy to use vaporizer that chucks huge amounts of clouds at a decent price.

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2 Item(s)

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