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A MOD is simply a battery case which can be divided into two different types, the BOX type and the TUBE type. It is a digital version which used to be used by the advanced and experienced vapers years ago. Nowadays there are plenty of MOD's which are suitable for the starting vaper.

Digital MOD

A digital MOD is a device on which you can set the Voltage or Wattage strength and you can read the coil strength in Ohm. Furthermore you can see how much battery capacity you have left and it features countless securies which assure safe use.  The main characteristic of a digital MOD is that it has numerous settings possibilities which you can adjust to your own preference.

Because of the complexity, usage of such a device can scare some users away, however once you have established the correct settings for your device you will achieve the ultimate vaping experience because the e-liquid will be used to its maximum capacity which will show in the flavour and clouds.

Box and Tube MODs

The main difference in between a box and a tube MOD is the appearance. The tube version looks like a cilinder and the box version looks like a box, both devices have the same setting possibilities. Furthermore, Sub-Ohm BOX Mods have the capability of firing atomizers under 1,0 Ohm which allows you to set a high Voltage/Wattage and which will result in the ultimate flavour experience and massive vapor clouds.

Please have a look at the Smoke Cheaper Vape chart to be sure that your Ohm-Volt ratio is optimal.

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9 Item(s)

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