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My clearomizer is leaking, now what?


This section will provide you with useful tips and tricks how to make sure your clearomizer does not leak or stops leaking.

Tip1: Change the coil head on a regular bases.

Smoke Cheaper strongly advices you to change your coil head every 3 weeks maximum. An old, dirty or overused coil head can caused leakage as it does not evaporate all the liquid. The not evaporated liquid will come in the mouthpiece which is a form of leakage. Cleaning the coil head can expand the life expectancy, however this expansion is limited.

New coils are available at Smoke Cheaper.

Tip2: Do not inhale too hard on the mouthpiece.

In most cases, this is the cause of leakage, especially for new users it is a complete different way of inhaling in comparison to the regular cigarette.

Very light inhaling approximately 3 to 4 seconds gives the best result (as if you are inhaling through a straw), you do not have to suck on an e-cigarette!

If you inhale too hard on the e-cigarette not vaporized e-liquid will appear in the mouthpiece which is another form of leakage.

Tip3: Is everything assembled as it should be?

Sometimes the components are not assembled the way they should be, please make sure that you assemble them tightly, however not to tight! In addition, if you are using the E-GO CE5 you have to make sure that the plastic tube fits the metal ring exactly. Make sure you check this before vaping as this might not be the case once the E-cigarette has been in your purse or pocket for a while.

Tip 4: Make sure you do not lose any silicon rings.

Please make sure that you do not lose any silicon rings while you are cleaning the clearomizer. Leakage through missing silicon rings is, besides sucking too hard on the mouthpiece the most common cause of leakage. If you clean the clearomizer make sure you do this above a sieve and check if there are any silicon rings left behind after you cleaned it.


If these tips did not work, please contact us via the contact form for further advice!