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Millers Juice premium E-Liquid

Millers Juice premium E-Liquid is made in Holland with only Dutch products which assures the user of the highest quality and the best taste experience. Millers Juice E-Liquid is amongst the best E-Liquids available on todays worldwide market. The slogan of Millers Juice is “With Millers you know what you buy”, in other words it represents the highest quality available!

Millers Juice premium E-Liquid is divided between the silver line and the gold line. The products in the Silver line are the regular flavours E-Liquids, however the gold line, the Rolls Royce within the E-Liquids presents extraordinary flavours like Shamrock Whiskey Cream and Caribbean Rum Sauce which give the user the highest level of flavour experience.


Kangertech is one of the world’s first E-Cigarette manufacturers. Kangertech is an innovative company which aims to provide the highest standard E-Cigarettes as possible. Kangertech came up with the innovative bottom coil E-Cigarette which is much easier, more pleasant and easier to handle for the user. Kangertech is established in 2007 and all products are certified by CE, Rohs and SGS, on top of that they meet up with the International Environmental Management System ISO 14000 standards.


E-GO produces high standards E-Cigarettes which are well known worldwide and especially in Northern-Europe and the UK. E-GO’s E-Cigarettes are affordable and the ideal E-Cigarette to start with if you try the fantastic vaping experience.