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Beard Vape Shake & Vape

This outstanding e-liquid company is far from being like any other, Their iconic name and logo will stand out 10 times out of 10, let alone their mouth-watering top selling flavours. Starting off back in 2014 in the back of Nana's vape shio in venice, california, two brothers and their friend realized they had the ability to create ejuice that was just as high-quality as the ones that they were selling. Making over 100 flavours, they asked the community to vote for a lineup of flavours that stood out the most out of all of their creations, creating the lineup we all now know and love, numbers 00, 05,24, 32, 42, 51, 64 and 71.

Here is a list of the flavours of Beard Vape Shake & Vape;

No. 00: A sweet tobaccoccino, perfect to get you through your day, whether it's the most important day of your life or just a regular monday, this surely will keep you going.
No. 05: A jaw dropping New Yorkie styled cheesecake with fresh, ripe strawberries on top.
No. 24: A delicious, mouth watering salted caramel malt.
No. 32: The scrumptious cinnamon funnel cake, guaranteeing it will leave you vaping on it till the last drop!
No. 42: A refreshing, summer vibey, ice cold fruit cup. Nothing like a healthy mix of ice cold fresh fruits!
N0. 51: Nothing but the creamiest, tastiest custard with a slight dash of more custard.
No. 64: Unique blue raspberry and hibiscus twist, guaranteed to always leave you wanting more and more.
No. 71: A a delicious, finger-licking, sweet and sour sugar peach. It tastes amazing!

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7 Item(s)

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