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Charlie Noble

Charlie Noble is an outstanding e-liquid brand with a great shake & vape assortment. The liquids come in a 60ml bottle filled with 50ml of juice which leaves space for a nicotine shot.

Here is a list of the flavours of Charlie Noble Shake & Vape:

Blue Bay: Theres nothing you can vape which one can say tastes better than the mouth watering mixture of ripe blueberries, fresh pomegranate, a hint of vanilla and a twist of lemon.

Stroopwafel: Dutch traditional cookies made of a couple of scrumptious waffles, all together with a layer of tasty caramel, brown sugar and spices.

Sollers Pointe: A super smooth and creamy flavour of banana, vanilla, caramel and a hint of tobacco.

Siren Song: There's many flavours with a rich blend of strawberries n' cream, but this one will surely taste the ripest.

Shellback Slush: This amazing ejuice will take you on a quick trip to hawaii and back with a light fluffy shave ice topped off with mango, orange, oaoaya and pineapple syrups, building up this gorgeous, multi layered flavour that will keep you ice cold.

Pistachio RY4: Delicious pistachio topped with a scrumptiuous vanilla-caramel blend and light tobacco. A smooth, sophisticated vape for anyone who has a mature taste bud for vaping.

Neptune's Nectar: A divine mix of strawberry, banana and fresh cream.. some say this was actually sent by the gods.

Charlie's Custard: The richest, silkiest custard flavour you'll ever lay hands on with a perfect balance of baked crust and vanilla. Now that's what i'm talking about!

Charleston Gray: A sweet watermelon candy cape which will send your taste buds on an amazing adventure!

Tripoli: An amazingly finecrafted blend of divinely aged tobbaccos from turkey, almonds, fig and rare spices.



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10 Item(s)

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