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Nasty Juice

Nasty juice, one of the leading vaping e-liquid brands out there is the proud creator of all of their delicious vaping flavours, made especially to leave you always wanting more and more, these premium flavours consist of two main types, minty fruit liquids and tobacco flavours, fruity flavours include loads of mouth-watering flavours like ASAP GRAPE, FAT BOY, BAD BLOOD and much more, and the tobacco flavours coming in bronze, silver or gold blends, these e liquids will forsure never let anyone down!

Below you will find the list of Nasty Juice Shake & Vape Flavours:

Fatboy: A divine blend of ripe mango from eastern origins. The perfect note of sweetness and the tiny sour hint combined with the ice cold breeze of mint, gives you a vague taste of paradise.

Slow Blow: A flavour of fresh tropical pineapple layered with divine lime soda that will leave your taste buds fresh throughout the day!!

Passion Killer: A blend of passionfruit and tropical fruits that will leave your mouth watering.!

Migos Moon: A scrumptious mixture of sour lemonade and oranges.!

Hippie Trail: A divine citrus blend of the juiciest lemons and limes.!

Blood Berry: A gorgeous blend of lemons and rapberries.!

Cush Man: This divine mango flavoured liquid is one of the best fruity tasting e liquids ever to be made. The authentic taste with such a gorgeous aroma that will surely drive you nuts!

Bronze Blend: This homemade tobacco series has a special creamy caramel vanilla flavour that will send your taste buds to the moon and back!

Silver Blend: This amazing tobacco flavour with hints of vanilla custard will be so attractive to your taste buds that it's always going to leave you wanting more and more!

Gold Blend: Nothing like vaping that delicious tobacco goodness and cigar with a dash of almond to give you an adventurous aftertaste.

Green Ape: Another apple flavour? No, this is not just any apple flavour, Nasty juice's green ape is a mouth watering slightly sour apple bubblegum candy!

ASAP Grape: A superior ripe grape flavour that's layered with mixed berries and a hint of menthol. Now that's a way to go!

Wicked Haze: Nasty Juice Wicked Haze is a scrumptious blackcurrant and lemonade flavour that will drive your taste buds nuts.

Devil Teeth: A delicious honeydew flavour. It is a must try for fruity lovers! Nasty Juice Devil Teeth has a superior taste without having too much of a cooling aftertaste.

Bad Blood: Bad blood is a super realistic blackberry flavour with just the perfect blend of tart and sweet flavor anf a splash of ice cold menthol that makes this juice one of the best authentic flavours out there!

Trap Queen: A delicious strawberry shisha flavour that will make your vape feel like a tiny portable shisha pipe!


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