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Stop Smoking, Start Vaping

Stop Smoking, Start Vaping.

Smoke Cheaper offers smokers a stop smoking plan were the smoker stops smoking via the use of the E-Cigarette. For general information about the E-Cigarette, please have a look at the section "The E-Cigarette in Malta"

Step 1

The first and most important step is that the smoker has to be willing to stop smoking. Without the will to stop smoking harmful tobacco it is simply not possible.

Step 2

The second step is to buy an E-Cigarette of choice, Smoke Cheaper offers a wide variety of E-Cigarettes, please have a look at the section “Starter Kits Malta” to find the E-Cigarette that suits you best.

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Step 3

The third step is to select an E-Liquid, the substance that you inhale. Smoke Cheaper offers several different flavors, for smokers who just quitted smoking Smoke Cheaper recommends a tobacco flavor. All E-Liquids are available in four different nicotine levels, 18mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 6mg/ml and 0mg/ml. For an overview of all different E-Liquids available please have a look at the section “E-Liquids Malta”.

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Smoke Cheaper recommends the smoker to stop smoking regular cigarettes completely and change to the E-Cigarette, for users who experience difficulties with stopping completely we would recommend a 50/50 start which the user decreases by 10% every week.

Step 4

Please see the chart below for an overview how to stop smoking by using the E-Cigarette.

Time Scale Nicotine levels ADVANTAGES
Week 1 and 2 12mg/ml Easier breathing
Week 3 and 4 12mg/ml Better taste
Weeke 5 and 6 6mg/ml Better scent
Week 7 and 8 6mg/ml Skin looks better
Week 9 and 10 0mg/ml Skin looks much better
Week 11 and 12 0mg/ml Better condition, you feel healthier
3-12 months 0mg/ml Better apetite, steady good moods every day
12-24 months 0mg/ml Risk on heart-attack decreased by 50%


Please note that this chart is no guarantee that you will succeed with quitting smoking, you have to be absolutely 100% determined!